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College of Hospitality and Tourism Management

~ Developing the Aesthetics of Hospitality, Guiding the Education of Tourism ~

College of Hospitality and Tourism Management was established in 2012. The main educational characteristics and objectives are listed as follows. 

  1. The college offers the fullest arrangement of teaching facilities, professional faculty, and curriculum in Taiwan.

  2. The college provides the students with a wide range of professional and practical lessons. We expect they will be competitive in their jobs after the four-year training program.

  3. The graduates will show positive attitude and character traits suited for the career. In addition, they will possess excellence at foreign languages and the skills of tourism and hospitality in the workplace.

College of Hospitality and Tourism Management includes four departments and a Language Center. The four departments are (1) Department of Tourism and Recreation Management, (2) Department of Food and Beverage Management, (3) Department of Hotel and M.I.C.E Management, and (4) Department of Applied Foreign Languages.

Our college sets up students in a brand new building fully dedicated for educational and professional training of tourism, culinary and hospitality, stressing on "developing aesthetics of hospitality and guiding the education of tourism". We focus our efforts on shaping students high caliber of major international languages, as well as multi-functional expertise.